Design Committee

The DDA’s Design Committee works to get Main Street into top physical shape. Capitalizing on its best assets — such as historic buildings and pedestrian-oriented streets — is just part of the story. An inviting atmosphere, created through attractive window displays, parking areas, building improvements, street furniture, signs, sidewalks, street lights, and landscaping, conveys a positive visual message about the commercial district and what it has to offer. Design activities also include instilling good maintenance practices in the commercial district, enhancing the physical appearance of the commercial district by rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging appropriate new construction, developing sensitive design management systems, and long-term planning. Go to the forms page to find a committee application.

Join the Design Committee

Members of the Design Committee will work to enhance the physical appearance of the downtown while preserving its historic appeal and integrity. Their work focuses on all elements of the downtown environment including building facades, signage, streets and sidewalks, window displays, and landscaping. The Committee member will provide assistance to property owners, managers, or tenants in the downtown so that they make informed decisions about design. Rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging supportive new construction, developing sensitive design management systems, and long-term planning also fall under the umbrella of the Design Committee.

Major Activities
  • Serving as a panelist for façade grants
  • Design Assistance (follow-ups, implementation, design tool kits)
  • Technical Assistance (maintenance and repair, interior/exterior care, material usage)
  • Public Improvements (space amenities, parking, clean up day, streetscape)
  • Building and Photo Inventories (maintenance and monitoring)
  • Historic Preservation (historic research, surveys)
  • Ordinances/Guidelines/Plans (review, revise, develop)
  • Incentives, Grants, Tax Credits, Loans (local, state, federal financial assistance programs)
  • Design Education and Awareness (demonstrations, slide shows, news releases, awards)
Likely Candidates
  • Downtown merchants
  • Design/Architectural Professionals
  • People interested in walkability and pedestrian use
  • Spatial thinkers
  • People who want to transform the way your downtown looks
  • Civil Engineers or Planners
  • Historic Preservationists
  • Commit to at least one year of service
  • Work 3 to 5 hours a month
  • Attend all training sessions
  • Read selected orientation materials
  • Learn the Main Street approach
  • Recruit/orient new members
  • Prepare in advance for meetings
  • Cooperatively draft an annual plan