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Meggaxp 3

September 23, 2017 @ 1:30 pm - September 24, 2017 @ 3:30 am

What should I expect at MeggaXP?
Awesomeness! We are returning to one MAJOR gaming room on the 4th floor! All of the video games, tabletop games and RPGs you could ever imagine playing will be hosted on our 4th floor, but in a way similar to year one. No more navigating from floor to floor to geek out! We have expanded our offerings and are promising that year 3 will be the best and easiest way to get your game on at MeggaXP!

Over 60 vendors, artists & exhibitors! Familiar faces and a whole lot of new talent will be featured in our Vendor Hall, which will now be located in theCommonwealth Commerce Center‘s BRAND NEW ballroom that overlooks the gorgeous city skyline, room 520! The vendor hall will be conveniently located directly above the gaming room, to make travel as easy as a few steps from giant room to giant room!

MAJOR Video Game tournaments – Some HUGE fighting games are going to be represented at MXP3, so bring your controller and your A game! Check back soon for official announcements!

MAJOR Magic Tournaments – This year, our friends from Acropolis Gameswill be featuring some major gaming events – a MODERN Magic Tournament where BOXES will be the prizes, as well as 8-player booster drafts that will fire off every time 8 players are ready to go!

Warhammer Event – Acropolis Games will be running a Warhammer event at MeggaXP 3 – more details to follow soon.

Pokezone – The Pokezone is BACK for year 3, and our friends at Gamers on the Run will once again be hosting some amazing Pokemon games! More to be announced soon!

Heroclix – We will once again be having a Heroclix event in our gaming hall, be sure to check back for official details soon!

Learn to Play sessions – We will be running a bunch of learn to play gaming sessions, where you can play games from King of Tokyo to Mystic Vale to Bad Beets for the kids!

RPG Sessions – Our friends at ThroatPunchGames will be running many RPG sessions from all kinds of RPGs! D&D, Rifts, Pathfinder, and more are sure to be included!

More video game tournaments than ever before! – We are about to announce some major fighting game tournaments, so stay tuned to the page to see what they are!

Video game challenges and open play! – We will have over 2000 games available to choose from between our videogame and board game library! Walk up to one of our stations and play the game, or swap it out for a different game!

Adults Only Lounge – This year, by popular request, we will be featuring an 18+ up lounge that will be running almost the entire event! The adults only lounge will feature 18+up panels, audience voted Cards Against Humanity sessions, bar trivia, and alcoholic beverages!

Panels, panels, panels! – We will once again have panels from start to finish this year – ranging from topics such as cosplay to trivia to the return of the Geekly Feud! And this year, our panels, like our game rooms, will be running later than the con itself, so our vendors and artists can participate in some of them! More panel time for the same money.

Kids, Teen and Adult Cosplay Contests! This year our Cosplay contests will start at the closing of the vendor hall, and we are offering bigger prizes than ever before! Not only will you get a chance to earn tickets to MeggaXP 4 and a spot on the MeggaXP Hall of Fame, but we are also offering up a sweet prize package for the adult cosplay contest winners!

More announcements will be coming very soon! Keep checking back to the event page or check out the website at www.meggaxp.com


September 23, 2017 @ 1:30 pm
September 24, 2017 @ 3:30 am